Hotel Syracuse

The Hotel Syracuse, built in 1924, is the last of the grand hotels in Syracuse’s downtown. Held by a series of absentee landowners in recent years, this elegant building has been allowed to deteriorate. While its glory has faded with the lack of attention, it remains a glorious building. In the summer of 2014, the City of Syracuse seized the building by eminent domain from the unresponsive landowners, and conveyed the property to Ed Riley, a local architect and developer who will spearhead the renovation and revitalization of the hotel. Mr. Riley graciously granted me permission to document the interiors according to HABS/HAER standards. I did the work on behalf of the Onondaga Historical Association, which has agreed to curate the negatives and contact prints.

Coffin Door

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A detail view of a "coffin door" in Rom 247, showing the space for hanging clothes that need to be laundered, together with the button that opens and closes a small vent in the door.

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