As an independent historian and cultural resources consultant, I am pleased and grateful to be able to team with some fantastic partners. I’ve attached links to a number of them here, and will add more as I continue to reach out. I’m always eager to hear from other possibilities for teaming, so feel free to be in touch so that we can talk.


Samuel D. Gruber

Independent Architectural Historian

Syracuse, NY


Mike Franklin

Independent Real Estate Consultant


Heather Carpini, Architectural Historian

S&ME, Inc.

Columbia, SC


Northeast Archaeology Research Center, Inc.

Bob Bartone, Director

Farmington, ME


The Public Archaeology Facility

Nina Versaggi, Director

Binghamton, NY


James C. Sexton

Independent Architectural Historian

New Rochelle, NY


Sutherland Conservation and Consulting

Amy Cole Ives, President

Augusta, ME

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